Monday, February 26, 2007

Group purr!

Thanks to evfurryone who's stopped by to say hello, SheBean says you're welcome to teleport over anytime. I'll get evfurryone's links up, but I'm still getting the hang of blogging.

Yesterday was my first full day with my Beans; I tried to keep notes on their actions but I kept getting shooed off the kitchen table. It was the best place for observations, but something about 'backsides where food go' and the like. SheBean said it would be if the KidBean sat in my crunchy food. I get it now.

SheBean says she's going to email my Foster Mom and ask what my old routine was, I was all up and dancing at 6am today but I couldn't tell them what I needed. But it was kinda funny to make SheBean go through the motions. 'Fresh food? Water? Wet food? Litter? Milk? World Peace? World DOMINATION? WHAT???' Heh heh heh. She wants me to be happy here, but I already am!

SheBean says if the roads are good then she and the SmallBeans will go run errands. Do roads act up? I really want to go out and see but SheBean says she'd worry too much. KidBean wants to get me a toy today too, somethin about treats too. HeBean offered me some already, but I wasn't thrilled. Same with catnip.


Beau said...

Hey Monty! I'm Beau of Beau's Blog. Glad to have you as part of the Cat Blogosphere family! There's 200+ of us so it will take a while to get to know everyone. That's okay!! It sounds like you have a wonderful furrever home!! I read the whole thing and it's very heartwarming. I look forward to getting to know and becoming friends! Oh, my url is

Riley & Tiki said...

We're so glad you found your forever home, and now you have your own blog!

Fat Eric said...

Hi Monty! Great to meet another catblogger. I was adopted from a shelter too. I am a fat ginger floofy kitty living in London, UK. I can see you are big, but are you bigger than me? I weigh 21 lb. Come and visit my page sometime!

caspersmom said...

Welcome Monty to having a forever home and to blogging, an all different kind of world with so many neat cat blogs to visit. Mom and I have been blogging since last July and it has been fun. Looks like you are pretty big cat the way you are all stretched out. Mom says you are a mighty handsome one. Hope to see you around.