Tuesday, February 27, 2007

SheBean tries too hard

So SheBean took the KidBeans to 'the pet store', wherever that was. I decided to sleep in the little bed next to SheBean's bed while they were out. When they returned SheBean was all excited, and proceeded to show me all of the things they had bought for me. There was a big furry mousie, a feather toy, som type of wetfud with garden greens and two types of cat treats-one of them being freeze dried shrimp, and a new collar.

I liked the collar. The rest, not so much. SheBean can't decide whether I'm just picky or trying to drive her crazy. (She said that after spotting me play with an empty toilet paper tube.) Oh! She did get me some catgrass that I took a few bites of, so the trip wasn't a total waste. And some new dry food that I really liked, with lamb and rice.

Anybody want three bags of treats? They're opened, but only one treat taken out of each.

--SheBean here; I don't think I've ever had a cat who just didn't like treats. Or catnip, to be honest. Any thoughts?


Victor Tabbycat said...

S'posedly, about 1/3 of cats are unaffected by catnip, 1/3 are interested but not thrilled, an the rest of us get, well, stoned out of our minds! Also, cats aren't affected until 6 months old. Monty looks older than that, right?
Our continuing research among bloggin cats suggests Temptations are the bestest kitty treat efur. Specially dairy. I snatch em right from Mom's fingers, but Bonnie goes slow an cautious, sniffin carefully efurry time afore takin it. She's so suspicious!
Simple fur mousies are among the bestest toys. Also wand toys wif stings or feathers. Efurry cat has his or her purreferance. The firstest cat (who raised Mom) would only play wif a single hair roller he rescued from the trash. NOTHING ELSE.
Monty is still gettin used to alla you an may not play til he's really comfurball. An wakin you at 6 is lots better than 4:30. It's a cat fing.

Monty Q. Kat said...

SheBean checked out my papers and it looks like I'll be 2 on June. But I still play like a kitten! =^..^=

I'll have to ask her about getting some Temtations, she seems pretty determined to find me somefin.