Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Well, some progress?

Well, the good part is that I've got the blog mostly up and running,. The bad part is that I have accidentally nuked the original template so I had to start from scratch. There have been more than a few additions to the Curse Jar over it. Then I realized that I have also someone lost most of the pictures on this blog, and the Curse Jar has needed an upgrade. Twice.

Delilah's coming home story is coming, and it's quite the funny tail tale, considering she wasn't the cat that I was planning to adopt. I was also not looking to bring home another tabby cat...which is starting to sound like a trend around here. She's also still working on her 'voice' for blogging, where in the real world she talks constantly to everyone. I'm pretty sure that she's said more in the few weeks she's been here than Monty Q said in a decade.

Makes Tucker's brain hurt.

But be patient with us, we're getting there! :)