Monday, April 30, 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bizzy for Gizzy Quilt!

It's here, it's here! Millie's Mom made me a manly mancat Gizzy quilt!
Oh, this is nice and soft. Just my size, and...what's that?
There was something else in the box?

Oh. My. Is it hot in here?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007

Monkey Monday

MomBean herded some of her new monkeys outside and took some pictures of them, if you want to see her new site you can check them out here. I think the poor buggers need a new home after what she does to them. I still can't look at a bag of stuffing and a wooden spoon without a shudder.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spotty Sunday

My BabyBean spotted me in one of my favorite napping spots. I'm teaching her proper cat lovin' techniques, but this was not in the lesson plan.

Sheesh, can't a mancat get a little peace around here?

Busy week over!

I'd like to apologize for MomBean's lack of letting me blog. She was working on a big fundraiser with her Bean Club for a local family who's had a litterbox full of bad luck. The son had an enfectshun of some sort and lost some paws due to it and it goes down from there. MomBean was in charge and was a wee bit nervous about it, but they raised over $600 for the family.

Now that it's over she can do the more important things, like pampering me. She'll mail the sockmonkey out tommorrow to Grr, Midnight and Cocoa, and will throw in another item because she feels bad about the delay.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

SheBean! Woman!

What, Monty? I thought you like to blog by yourself.

I do, I did! I just wanted...I needed...I. I..dunno.

You read about Gizzy, huh?


It's okay Big Kitty. I know.

It's not fair, SheBean. He was a good guy, an' he had Millie and Jasmine and their Mom.

He was sick, and hurting. They did the best thing by helping him get ready and head for the Bridge. Now he can watch over his family, including Mr. Karate too. He can be a Gizzy Furangel now.


Yes, Monty?

Will you help me when it's my time?

Of course, Monty. If that time ever comes, I'll be there for you. I promise.


You okay, Monty?

SheBean? Can I call you Mom?

I'd like that, sweet boy. Want to go snuggle?

Yeah. Thanks for bringing me home, Mom.

Thanks for waiting for us.

Goodnight Sweet Gizzy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And the winners are...

Grr, Midnight and Cocoa!

Please email SheBean at ironcehfsugar AT hotmail DOT com so she can work out the details and get the monkey in the mail.

Fanks to everyone who bid, it made my SheBean blush to see so many people likin' her sock monkeys. And that made me happy to see her smile. But I didn't tell her that...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I changed my blog look just for today for Go Orange for Animals-support your local ASPCA!

SheBean woke up this morning with not two, but three little ones in bed with her this morning. BabyBean was in her left armpit, and KidBean snuggled into the right one when he woke up. And lo and behold, I was on her legs, acting like I'd done it every night. I think we made her lack of sleep not as bad.

...and I was just cold and she has a warm blanket, that's all. Really.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Man Cat Monday

I'm too manly for this blankie.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Auction for Jody

I was lucky to have a fosterBean take care of me before my furrever family found me. So I want to help out Jody, a superBean who helps take care of kitties who might otherwise slip through the cracks. SheBean and I are offering a handcrafted Sock Monkey to be auctioned off. (SheBean sewed it and I snooperfised. And ny snooperfised I mean I bit it's tail a couple of times and hid an ear when she wasn't looking.) To make the auction more cat-friendly, I asked SheBean to make a catnip mousie as well.
I didn't choose the pink, no matter what she says...
There's no minimum bid, and it'll go until next Monday, April 16th. Please spread the word!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Fun Furryday

I don't care what SheBean says, there's somefin out there!

I'm it!

Mr. Hendrix tagged me for my first meme!

How do you achieve balance in your life?
I find it's important to wash one side of my head and then the other, that way I'm not off-balance due to dirt. And for every nice thing I do, like letting BabyBean play with my collar; I do something weird, like drinking SheBean's iced tea while she's working.

What is your biggest challenge in balancing your life?
Spending the right amount of time with each Bean, 'cause they have different needs. BabyBean is learning how to play nice and not try to take my collar off. KidBean wants to play 24/7; SheBean needs me to bite the thread of her sewing machine, and HeBean needs me to get of fthe desk.

What are your priorities?
To be wherever my Beans are in the house and not look like I have to be where ny Beans are in the house. And to get into the fridge.

How have your priorities changed over time and why?
Before I was living with my FosterBean, so I never knew what I'd be doing week to week. Now that I have my furrrever family I can focus on raising my KidBeans.

What advice can you share to help all of us balance our own lives?
Purr like nobody is listening, love like the world needs it.

I'm gonna tag Buuddah and Gizzy.

Thursday, April 5, 2007



Happy purrfday to you,

happy purrfday to you!

From all of us over here,

we're so glad to know you!

So are you finally going to tell her about your crush?

...ON BABYBEAN. Yes! Just on her, nobody else, no sweet tuxie cat or anything. Who let you post, Woman??

My computer, chicken.

TEMTASHUNS! So yummy! Chicken Temtasuns, yesserie. (SHUSH!)

Millie did a picture update today.


Fanks for all of the good wishes, Mo...SheBean is feeling much better. She even started sewing a sockmonkey last night. I of course was a HUGE helper by keeping it's tail undercontrol. (A little bite keeps them in line.)

My BabyBean is a cutie, I know she didn't mean to bop SheBean like that, but just to make sure I've been letting her play with me more to teach her how to play nice. I even slept next to her feet the other day at naptime to make sure they didn't float away from her. Thankfully she's almost 30 pounds of chublove, so SheBean doesn't worry about us nappin' togefer. (As long as Millie doesn't mind, that is...)

Anyway, SheBean says she found a bunch of her footcovers at a local Farmer's Market, and eeeebae. If there was a pair someone really wanted she's be happy to see about sending them off. Hopefully the monkey will be done this weekend, both KidBeans have a headcold so we'll all be housebound for a day or two. Mo...SheBean is trying to get a bunchamonkeys made for a craft show on the 21st too, but it's her first one and she's all nervous. I gotta go sit on her for a while to help her relax.