Thursday, April 5, 2007

Fanks for all of the good wishes, Mo...SheBean is feeling much better. She even started sewing a sockmonkey last night. I of course was a HUGE helper by keeping it's tail undercontrol. (A little bite keeps them in line.)

My BabyBean is a cutie, I know she didn't mean to bop SheBean like that, but just to make sure I've been letting her play with me more to teach her how to play nice. I even slept next to her feet the other day at naptime to make sure they didn't float away from her. Thankfully she's almost 30 pounds of chublove, so SheBean doesn't worry about us nappin' togefer. (As long as Millie doesn't mind, that is...)

Anyway, SheBean says she found a bunch of her footcovers at a local Farmer's Market, and eeeebae. If there was a pair someone really wanted she's be happy to see about sending them off. Hopefully the monkey will be done this weekend, both KidBeans have a headcold so we'll all be housebound for a day or two. Mo...SheBean is trying to get a bunchamonkeys made for a craft show on the 21st too, but it's her first one and she's all nervous. I gotta go sit on her for a while to help her relax.

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Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi! I'm glad your mommy is feeling better and can work on her sock monkeys. 21 monkeys is a lot to make. I'm sure they will be very popular.
I tagged you for a MeMe about how you achieve balance in your life. Stop by my blog to find out more!