Saturday, March 31, 2007

One auction, on it's way

So I want to have an auction, I was lucky to have a fosterBean take care of me until Mo...SheBean saw me at the shelter day and fell in love. (And I mean, look at me, how could she not?) I asked SheBean if she would make a sock monkey for it, and she said of course. It'll take her a few days to put one together as she got an injury Thrusday night and she's almost back to rights. I just hafta decide which foot-covery-things to have her use. Any suggestions? I raided her sockmonkey inventory and here's what I found:

There's actually even more of them, but I didn't want to be discovered digging through her stash. SheBean just got me a cool new bathroom box and I like staying on the 'spoil Monty' side of her. So if any of you kitties out there see one in particular let me know. I think she's using the purple flower ones for somefin, but the rest are free.

wanna know what happened to SheBean?

She was trying to wear my BabyBean down to go to sleep and somehow BabyBean rolled over and poked SheBean pretty hard in the eye. Pushed her eyelid back a bit too. I saw what happened and it was a solid hit. :-( When she went to bed she was feeling okay but when she woke up at 12:30am it was really painful and hard to open. So she hadto go to the eyeperson to get it looked at. Turns out BabyBean gave her a black eye and a little swelling to boot. (Finger?) She's been taking some mootren and it's doing much better, so she can get back to sewing today.
And I have been put to Uber-Catness too! I didn't know it, but Mo...err..SheBean doesn't like spiders, and neither does my KidBean. They usually make HeBean take care of them, or SheBean fusses and tries to squish them. But not me, I love spiders-they're fun to chase and crunchy to eat. I took care of two one day and SheBean couldn't give me treats fast enough. Cool! I get special lovin's for doing what I already do-sweet!


Daisy said...

Oooh! Both of the pink-white-red stripy ones are cute. So is the pink one with the little skull and crossbones.

I hope your Mommie's eye gets all better soon, that sounds hurty!

Mr. Hendrix said...

oooo i'm sorry your mommy's eye hurts. my mommy's brother broke my grammie's nose when he was a baby bean. baby beans are just uncoordinated! i'm posting information about your auction on the cat blogosphere news page today (we're back up and running!).
keep taking good care of your mommy!

Mr. Hendrix said...

PS My mommy doesn't like spiders either. I get lotsa lovin' and treatsies after I take care of them for mommy....a little extra protien does the kitty good...especially when it comes on 8 legs!

Anonymous said...

Sooooo sorry about your mom! Sounds like it really hurt a LOT!!
Glad she's doing better and will be all fixed soon! I think you should go traditional and use the brown monkey socks on the far right in the top picture. Mom wants to know if she can just buy some socks period for HER. She LOVES cool, funky socks!

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Great idea. If you need anything, just ask. Also, you can use my Paypal button for payments -- I'm collecting the funds and sending Jody a prepaid VISA card every week.

Victor Tabbycat said...

What funny sox! My beans mostly haf white ones an black ones. My boy once bopped Mom in the mouf by accident an she was gettin a sinus inflection, but didn't know it, an the sinus inflection made her teefs hurt so she wented to the dentist finkin my boy had knocked her toof loose. Bonnie's a good bug-getter - so good there aren't many spiders left for me :-(