Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Yeah, I admit it. I've been pretty AWOL this summer. It's hard for a certain MomBean to get online and help me post anything! something when she's got a certain Moosh to play with. I've been promised that things will be back to rights come end of August when the Big Kids go to school.

Oh for pete's sake, Woman! Stop getting all snuffly about SweetBean going to pre-K! You knew it was going to happen! Stop that!

Anyway, the Do the Q! contest is still on, and it's going to be opening up in a few days, once Moosh gives MomBean enough time to get the details up and posted. And gifts! We finally found some prizes too, as well as one sponsored category from my Sweet Tuxiekins, Millie. If anyone else wants to sponsor a category let me know so we can get the details worked out.