Saturday, March 31, 2007

One auction, on it's way

So I want to have an auction, I was lucky to have a fosterBean take care of me until Mo...SheBean saw me at the shelter day and fell in love. (And I mean, look at me, how could she not?) I asked SheBean if she would make a sock monkey for it, and she said of course. It'll take her a few days to put one together as she got an injury Thrusday night and she's almost back to rights. I just hafta decide which foot-covery-things to have her use. Any suggestions? I raided her sockmonkey inventory and here's what I found:

There's actually even more of them, but I didn't want to be discovered digging through her stash. SheBean just got me a cool new bathroom box and I like staying on the 'spoil Monty' side of her. So if any of you kitties out there see one in particular let me know. I think she's using the purple flower ones for somefin, but the rest are free.

wanna know what happened to SheBean?

She was trying to wear my BabyBean down to go to sleep and somehow BabyBean rolled over and poked SheBean pretty hard in the eye. Pushed her eyelid back a bit too. I saw what happened and it was a solid hit. :-( When she went to bed she was feeling okay but when she woke up at 12:30am it was really painful and hard to open. So she hadto go to the eyeperson to get it looked at. Turns out BabyBean gave her a black eye and a little swelling to boot. (Finger?) She's been taking some mootren and it's doing much better, so she can get back to sewing today.
And I have been put to Uber-Catness too! I didn't know it, but Mo...err..SheBean doesn't like spiders, and neither does my KidBean. They usually make HeBean take care of them, or SheBean fusses and tries to squish them. But not me, I love spiders-they're fun to chase and crunchy to eat. I took care of two one day and SheBean couldn't give me treats fast enough. Cool! I get special lovin's for doing what I already do-sweet!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

How can we help?

SheBean's been telling me about Jody, a nice bean who helps out kitties that might not get a chance otherwise. There are a couple of auctions going on and we'd like to help out. Who do we talk to about setting one up?

Evenings with SheBean

So SheBean likes to sew something called sock monkeys, I'm not quite sure how she does it. Usually she pics out a pair of foot cover-thingies called 'socks' and turns them about, tugging and cramming them in a 'sewing macheen'. There was a time when she would curse too, but then she bought a new one and that stopped. Anyway, then she hacks the socks apart with skissors, and...I fall asleep. When I wake up there's this thing instead, looking at me. Kinda like this:

I don't know how she does it, but last night I decided to stay awake and find out. Once BabyBean fell asleep SheBean got a pair of hacked-apart socks and some other stuff, a pair of 'don't touch-sharp!', a spool of thread, and a packet of 'sharp! ouch! stop!'s. And a big crinkly bag of stuffy-fluff. She started to sew some parts together while I investigated the crinkly bag. It was smooshy and fun to flop on, then I batted the thread about for a bit while SheBean tried to get some for a 'stop! sharp!'. (She also said somethin about 'pulling a Millie' about the thread, which made me stop.)
Then. Oh man, SheBean showed me a side of her I'd never seen before. She took the stuffy-fluff and...and...she crammed it where the sun doesn't shine on that poor monkey. She was mean about it, grabbing handfulls and shoving them up there, cramming it about, it was all I could do to stop the horror. I climbed in her lap to distract her, but instead I saw something small, and squooshy, and I had to HAVE IT! I leaped like a true tiger, batting and rabbit kicking the thing about, and once I was sure of it's demise I started to carry it off when I heard SheBean yell: 'GIVE ME BACK THAT EAR!'.
Heh, at least she doesn't have to worry about it fighting back now. So it's a little damp, it'll dry off. Besides, if nobody buys it then maybe I can have it, I like biting the tail too! =^..^=

Friday, March 23, 2007

Fun Furryday

Oh man, it is NICE outside today. By 8am the weather was nice enough for SheBean to open a few windows, and she made sure to open my favorite one too. Here's me checkin' out the neighborhood, you can see my new collar too:

I can't belive she didn't get my tail in the shot, but oh well. As long as it's nice out I'll be spending my day here.

And yeah, SheBean forgave me for yarfing on BabyBean's shoes, and even got me a new bag of Temtashuns too, in dairy flavor. Life is good.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Night of 1000 Barfs

I will not barf on BabyBean's new shoes.
I will not barf on BabyBean's new shoes.
I will not barf on BabyBean's new shoes.
I will not barf on BabyBean's new shoes.
I will not barf on BabyBean's new shoes.
I will not barf on BabyBean's new shoes.
I will not barf on BabyBean's new shoes.


Well, maybe not that many, but SheBean says it sure sounded like it. It seems that I have to chew my fud instead of 'sucking it down like a Hoover'. (She made me quote her on that one.) I let it fly in front of HeBean last night and nobody thought anything of it. But this morning I apparently woke up SheBean and BabyBean by my massive horking. She heard 3-4 yarfs but could only find one pile, which was on the shoes.

I got my first "*&^(*%^& MONTY!!!" last night too. BabyBean hasn't been sleeping well and wakes up a lot, so when she's finally out SheBean is really happy. And tired. I followed SheBean up to bed last night and had some serious catrublovin for a while. I was getting it all over-head, ears, belly, base of the tail, oh baby! SheBean thinks I could have been heard across the road if the windows were up. I was being called: 'furrocious mancat', and 'big tigerboy', and other things I only let her call me. Once I wore SheBean out and she settled I went over to the bed pushed up against hers, you know, the one I like to crash in? I hopped in without looking first and um. Well.

I woke up BabyBean. And she wasn't happy to be up again. She was up for an hour+ just a caterwalling. SheBean said sumfings that I don't think BabyBean needed to be in earshot of, but that's just me. The girlBeans crashed on the couch downstairs for the night, and I think I need to be extra cute today to get back on the good side.

Meh. I just need to purr at SheBean. She's a sucker for a good purr.

I'm just glad I got my milk before it happened, though...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mellow Monday

My new favorite spot to hang out, from here I can peek around into the kitchen and up the stairs too.

Sorry I haven't been updating that much, BabyBean has a 'bug' of some sort. All I know is that it make for a spectacular barf-fest Thursday night and Friday, and she'd had to use the litterbox a lot too. I kinda feel bad for my BabyBean, so I've been lettin' her pet me, even if she is a little rough about it.
Now if you'll excuse me, I need to bring my toy to KidBean, he needs some exercise.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Nutting much going on at the moment, we were supposed to get some snow but got maybe 3-4 flakes total. So SheBean let me play on the computer for a while...

Monday, March 5, 2007

From Dragonheart

What does kinky mean? It has to be funny because SheBean is laughing her head off...

What Monty Q Kat Means

M is for Magical

O is for Outgoing

N is for Normal

T is for Tender

Y is for Young

Q is for Quaint

K is for Kinky

A is for Adaptable

T is for Tame

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Victor Rules!

He mentioned some treats called 'Temtaions', or similar and SheBean decided to get me a bag. YUM. BIG YUM. And she found some breakfast food for me that I liked as well. All in all a good haul for me and SheBean.

SheBean here; Monty says he liked them, but let me put it this way: Ever see a pig with fur? THANK YOU VICTOR!

One for the ladies

SheBean was trying to move me off of the warm desk chair so I tried to act cute as a way to distract her.

How you doin'?

Friday, March 2, 2007

Nothing to it

SheBean claims it's hard to get KidBean to 'gear down' some afternoons. Pfffft. Nuttin' to it: