Thursday, April 5, 2007



Happy purrfday to you,

happy purrfday to you!

From all of us over here,

we're so glad to know you!

So are you finally going to tell her about your crush?

...ON BABYBEAN. Yes! Just on her, nobody else, no sweet tuxie cat or anything. Who let you post, Woman??

My computer, chicken.

TEMTASHUNS! So yummy! Chicken Temtasuns, yesserie. (SHUSH!)

Millie did a picture update today.



TheSlyCat said...

Hi Monty Q.,
Thank you for visiting me. I think Millie is very cute:) I hope she has a great purrfday.

Mr. Hendrix said...

very nice gifts you made for Millie! she deserves a wonderful birthday. of course, all us kitties deserve that!

Millie said...

Monty! What a wonderful cake! Wow! Ace of Cakes couldn't do better! I love it. How thoughtful of you. Thank you so much! I'm sending headbutts and purrs your way!